Saturday, March 14, 2009


We woke early, expecting another hot day, we had been experiencing for weeks, temp's in the high 30's, but today was going to be in the 40's and not being lovers of the heat and humidity, wasn't relishing the thought.

Rang my friend in Woori Yallock, (near Warburton Vic.) to wish her Happy Birthday, she and hubby intended to have a night out in Lilydale for dinner, that was never to be.

After hearing radio warnings etc, feared for my daughter and her family, who live at Castlemaine, reports of home loss near Bendigo, the way the fires were travelling, my brain was over-active.

A cousin living in Kilmore, phone calls to her mother in Healesville, hoping they were OK, yes they were activating their fire plan, animals brought in from the paddocks etc. They were safe as the wind had changed.

The numb feelings when hearing the reports of Marysville, Allan was born in Healesville, down the mountain, He worked with a lot of the old timers living in Marysville, played footy against them, country towns are mates for life.... Castella and Toolangi, neighbours... heart ache.

Then the following week, fears again of an inferno... this time Warburton down the mount... the friends in Woori Yallock have their fire plan in action again... Allans family in Healesville is ringed in fire, the smoke is thick, they have heart problems and experience trouble breathing if outside for tooo long, one sister had to leave and spent the night with in-laws.

Last Wednesday was the first time we could get down to visit, we drove through the mountain from Glenburn and Flowerdale, through Castella and Toolangi, the terrain was devastating,
it was always thick with ferns, old gums, all you could think was, the poor animals, then a house here and there that was saved..... that night while laying in bed, trying to sleep, all I could think off was how terrifying it would have been for those living 'it', the children, they will hold those sights for years to come.


  1. It certainly was devastating Bevally....I still find it hard to comprehend the enormity of what happened that day....So many innocent people gone....

  2. morning..... yes,the lost was vast and so unreal.. I have some pic's but haven't worked out yet on how to post them.